Single-seat mining ship manufactured by MISC
Quick facts:
Prospector - Hovering mining on cliffside 1.jpg
Flight ready
Prospecting and Mining
Small (S2/XS)
32 SCU32,000 KµSCU <br />32,000,000 µSCU <br />
650 KµSCU0.65 SCU <br />650,000 µSCU <br />
$ 155.00€ 156.55 <br />£ 131.75 <br /> ($ 140.00€ 141.40 <br />£ 119.00 <br />)
$ 140.00€ 141.40 <br />£ 119.00 <br />
Always available
Expedite fee
3,040 aUEC
Persistent Universe data has moved
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26.5 m0.0265 km <br />2,650 cm <br />
16.5 m0.0165 km <br />1,650 cm <br />
8 m0.008 km <br />800 cm <br />
137,396 kg137.396 t <br />
Scm speed
150 m/s540 km/h <br />
0 to scm
4.119 s
Scm to 0
5.064 s
Max speed
1,155 m/s4,158 km/h <br />
0 to max
31.718 s
Max to 0
38.995 s
Roll rate
94 °/s
Pitch rate
28 °/s
Yaw rate
29 °/s
Hydrogen capacity
210,000 L210 SCU <br />
Hydrogen intake
13 L/s0.013 SCU/s <br />
Quantum capacity
583.33 L0.583 SCU <br />
Cross section
- 52 %
- 100 %
18,770 ❤️

The Prospector is a small sized mining ship manufactured by MISC. Designed as a single person operated vessel, it features a telescopic mining arm with interchangeable lasers, with 4 detachable collapsible ore storage containers[1] and comfortable living quarters.


Mining Laser
The Prospector has a retractable and adjustable arm which has a Size 1 mining laser hard-point, giving you the ability to interchange different mining lasers that are specifically designed for certain types of minerals.
The ships scanner has been designed to targeting pockets directly, pin-pointing specific resources and helping to extracting just that type of mineral you are specifically looking for.
Living Quarters
Despite it being a industrial vehicle, the Prospector still has a spacious living area which includes a bed, bathroom and a small kitchenette, essential for those longer mining runs.
Detachable Containers
When the vehicles storage containers are full with ore, these can be easily detached and transferred to another ship for the ore to be either sent to be processed or to be sold raw. The Prospector can carry up to 16 of those containers and use up to 4 of them at any time.
The vehicle has the ability to hold up to 32 SCU's of raw ore in 4 external containers as well as holding 650K μSCU of internal stowage.
With its two gun hard-points that can hold Size 1 guns each.



Ship profile

Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
Prospector in space - Isometric.jpg
Prospector in space - Above.jpg
Prospector in space - Port.jpg
Prospector in space - Front.jpg
Prospector in space - Rear.jpg
Prospector in space - Below.jpg
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear
Prospector in SelfLand - Isometric.jpg
Prospector in SelfLand - Above.jpg
Prospector in SelfLand - Port.jpg
Prospector in SelfLand - Front.jpg
Prospector in SelfLand - Rear.jpg


Image Paint Name Description Price




Prospector Aphorite in space - Isometric.jpg
"Aphorite" Medium dark blue-magenta colouring with dark cyan-blue accents. Available only on the Subscribers store. [not available] 9.00 [2]
Prospector Dolivine in space - Isometric.jpg
"Dolivine" Medium light gray colouring with medium dark shade of green accents. Available only on the Subscribers store. [not available] 9.00 [3]
Prospector FF in space - Isometric.jpg
"Foundation Festival" Metallic silver in colour with teal & white accents and a Foundation Festival logo. Limited edition. Only available as a reward to backers who took part in the annual Foundation Festival event. [4] [not available] (Reward)
Prospector Hadanite in space - Isometric.jpg
"Hadanite" Pale shade of red colouring with dark gray accents. Available only on the Subscribers store. [not available] 9.00 [5]
Prospector Nebula in space - Isometric.jpg
"Nebula" Dark grey in colour with white accents. [not available] 6.00 [6]
Prospector Polar in space - Isometric.jpg
"Polar" Off white colour with blueish grey and dark grey accents. [not available] 9.00 [7]
Prospector Stormbringer in space - Isometric.jpg
"StormBringer" Dark grey colour with electric blue and white accents. [not available] 6.00 [8]

Universe availability

ShopLocation1 day rental price3 days rental price7 days rental price30 days rental priceGame build
Vantage RentalsARC-L1 Wide Forest Station51,525 aUEC135,253 aUEC270,506 aUEC966,094 aUEC3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Vantage RentalsCRU-L1 Ambitious Dream Station51,525 aUEC135,253 aUEC270,506 aUEC966,094 aUEC3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Vantage RentalsHUR-L1 Green Glade Station51,525 aUEC135,253 aUEC270,506 aUEC966,094 aUEC3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Vantage RentalsHUR-L2 Faithful Dream Station51,525 aUEC135,253 aUEC270,506 aUEC966,094 aUEC3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Vantage RentalsMIC-L2 Long Forest Station51,525 aUEC135,253 aUEC270,506 aUEC966,094 aUEC3.19.1-LIVE.8526421


MISC began developing the Prospector in 2910 as an extension of the Freelancer project. With their success in survey and fire suppression, MISC was looking to expand the use of its chassis. With that aim in mind, MISC wrote off nine Freelancers which were utilized by the Cold Boot team to develop as they saw fit.[9]

The Prospector would go on to be the third ship project of the Cold Boot team, and in early phases was dubbed "The Miner."[9]

However, with little anticipated need for small scale mining ships, "The Miner" was an unlikely candidate to be adopted by MISC. By 2914 two conversion attempts had failed. The first prototype as an unsightly and ungainly beast, and pushed the boundaries of the teams budget. Twenty-six test flights later, the team had a large enough success that their program was allowed to continue.[9]

"The Miner" would have four prototype designs, the A-1, A-2, A-3, and finally the B-1. Over the course of the next eight years, MISC-HI teams would work on developing a hull for the ship, while a second team would develop a miniaturized mining array that could be stored within the ship's fuselage.[9]

In 2923 the ship would finally be named "The Prospector" and would see extending time in jump tunnel situations and live testing. The ship would be unveiled the next year at the 2924 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo.[9]

Shortly after the ships launch in 2925 MISC would see its stock prices hit rock bottom and stay there for the next two years.[9]

This however, would not be the end of MISC. With new reports coming out of a massive discovery of previously ignored raw materials on Ferron II.[9]

Chloe Raznick was an owner and operator of one of the first 2925 MISC Prospectors off the assembly line. She had made the legal purchase of several hundred parcels of former military ground testing area on Ferron II in the hopes of salvaging expended shells and claiming the small bounties on radioactive debris collection. While in the process of surveying her lot, she discovered a deep chasm into which she navigated her Prospector. There she came across what is now known as the 'Chessex Lode'. A massive discovery of previously ignored raw materials which made a her fortune. Within days of the discovery, Prospector sales shot through the roof as people rushed to try their hands at this new career.[9]


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