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There are few ships that are awaiting deployment as eagerly as the Aegis Dynamics Redeemer... The UEEN has worked closely with Aegis to perfect the Redeemer during this time to ensure that it will meet and exceed all the operational needs of such an advanced vessel. From the early reports arriving from various test squadrons, including the famous 999, the Redeemer is going to be worth the wait.


Series Variants


Redeemer - Flying x2 though canyon attacking Cutlass's.jpg
The Aegis Redeemer is a gunship that is dotted with turrets and missiles. Equipped with strong shielding and a plethora of weapon systems, this ship can engage a wide range of enemies in patrol, front-line or escort roles.
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
Redeemer in space - Isometric.jpg
Redeemer in space - Above.jpg
Redeemer in space - Port.jpg
Redeemer in space - Front.jpg
Redeemer in space - Rear.jpg
Redeemer in space - Below.jpg



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