Charon IV

Ice Giant in the Charon system
Charon IV.jpg
Charon IV
ClassificationIce Giant
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Charon system
└─ Orbiting Charon (star)
Natural Satellites0
Landing Zones0

Charon IV is a ice giant, consisting of methane and ammonia. Upon discovering the system, Max Keaton first saw and became enthralled by the ice giant. The beautiful blue, dead world inspired Keaton to call the system Charon, a nod to both the mythological character and Keaton's grandfather, who was a beloved classics professor in Rhetor.[1]

"Most folks just consider Charon IV a regular ol' ice giant, but she's got a special place in my heart. Starlight reflects off her in a way that's always stayed with me. Glad I made it back here to see her again."
Old Jegger



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