Charon III

Terrestrial Rocky in the Charon system
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Charon III
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
(Formerly UEE)
LocationUnited Empire of Earth
Charon system
└─ Orbiting Charon (star)
Natural Satellites1

Charon III, formerly known as Haros, is a settled terrestrial planet. The planet was terraformed in the 26th century by the UEE and is the home to the Phiyi Tower. Charon III is currently locked in a bitter civil war between the independent states of Dellin and Acheron.


Early History

In 2635, Livia Messer reformed the UEE justice system, building a massive prison in the country of Dellin. While it brought money to the country, Corsen Messer later doubled down on this prison, turning it into a political black hole that the Messers used throughout the rest of their reign. Those who attempted to investigate these prisons 'disappeared', likely ending up in the prisons.

Charon III received official UEE Senate recognition in 2670, believed to be a 'handshake deal' between Corsen Messer and the leaders of Dellin. During the following years before the fall of the Messers in 2792, the prisons gained more and more infamy.

Following the fall, people flocked to document the atrocities that had occurred. Senator Constance Whittlefield was arrested for fraud and sent to prison. In the ensuing chaos and political infighting on the planet, no consensus could be found within the following 3 years of her term.


In 2795, the population, feeling betrayed by what the Messers had done to their planet, decided to became the first planet in UEE history to renounce its recognition.

Losing access to UEE backing, Dellin was left in a critical state, suffering famines. They appealed to the people of neighboring country Acheron for support. Refugees flooded from Dellin to Acheron, despite Acheron not being significantly better off. This sparked a civil war in 2813 between the two nations. A ceasefire was declared in 2819. This war has since been fought on-and-off, alternating between decades of peace and war due to both the fragility of these independent states and old grudges. In 2934 there was a relative time of prosperity and peace between the countries when a massive earthquake shook Acheron and Dellin stepped forward to provide aid.

Acheron subsequently built the Phiyi Tower, a perfect example of Supermodernist architecture and UEE landmark. Dellin were suspicious of how this was possible when Acheron were in need of their help. Tempers flared up and the civil war continued.[1]

"It is with a heavy heart that I stand here today to renounce Haros recognition in the UEE Senate. From here forth, the planet will relinquish its Senate seat along with all responsibilities and benefits associated with it. Though I strongly disagree with this decision, it is the will of the people and I will respect it. I fear not everyone on Haros will be as gracious in defeat."
Bernard Ma, Dellin’s Governor’s Council representative, in a speech before the Senate, 2795



The current conflict began in 2944, when Tarquin Klass became the leader of Dellin, and Acheron accused him of being a tyrant, intimidating voters and rigging the vote. Acheron saw fit to intervene, re-igniting the civil war once again.

The UEE Navy continues to be present in the system to this day, but more as a watchful eye in case things get out of hand. UEE regulations forbid interventions unless there is gross misconduct; the civil war is not seen as such at this point, though there are many in the UEE who wonder when this will change.[1]

Terra-based nonprofit Empire's Overlooked are running a new initiative to break the cycle of war by purchasing goods directly from the people of Charon III, to prevent the population from being forced to work for the 'war machine'. They are hiring dedicated haulers willing to brave the dangerous circumstances to pick up these products from Charon III.

Once the Navy numbers in the system were drastically reduced due to the Vanduul War, both governments accused each other of using humanitarian shipments to import various munitions. Now, anything that enters the planet's atmosphere is considered fair game by both sides. Empire Overlooked claim to have trusted sources on the ground that can direct ships to landing zones considered safe at that moment.[3]

Nation States


Dellin is a massive desert country, once the home of a huge UEE prison complex that was used as a black site by the Messers. The country suffered poverty and famine after their declaration of independence in 2795, however by 2934 they were able to provide aid to Acheron. Dellin is currently ruled by Governor Tarquin Klass, who Acheron accuse of being a dictator.[1] The village of Dea Ruis suffered 6 civilian fatalities and 18 casualties at the hand of Acheron's military.[4]


Acheron, a neighbor that rivals Dellin for power, is a desert and tropical country that was struck by a massive earthquake in 2934. It is now home to the landmark Phiyi Tower, which they somehow managed to build during the aftermath of the earthquake, while receiving significant aid from Dellin.[1] Acheron is currently ruled by Governor Armin Fordur. Goshen Valley suffered fatalities at the hand of Dellin's military.[4]

Natural Satellites


Charon 3a is known by two names: Aiya and Touvoni, depending on who you're talking to.[1]


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