Christopher Bolte

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Christopher Bolte is the Principle Engine Programmer in Foundry 42 DE.[1]


  • He started programming when he was 10 years old on a Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg C64, trying to make his own games in Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg BASIC. He tried to learn Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Assembly but failed.[1]
  • He interned in Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Crytek during his master's degree for computer science. His primary focus was making particles and animation updates run in parallel and on SPU for the PS3 version of the GCG09 Demo (the first time showing CryEngine on PS3 in public).[1]
  • He worked full time at Crytek for 7 years. He worked on Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Crysis 2, Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Crysis 3, Crysis on Console and Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Ryse, always focusing on optimization and parallelization of code for consoles.[1]


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