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Dwarf Planet in the Chronos system
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Bruder : Chronos I
ClassificationDwarf Planet
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
└ Orbiting Chronos (star)

Chronos I is a dwarf planet with an orbit close to the sun.

"Sitting in a tight orbit around Chronos's sun, Bruder experiences scalding surface temperatures. Metallic ores are present in the planet's crust, but the intense heat has kept the UEE from mining the minerals for use in the Synthworld."

"Nicknamed Bruder, Chronos I is a tiny, barren rock that orbits fairly close to the sun. While there are a moderate amount of metallic ores available in the planet's crust, the surface temperature is prohibitive for mining operations of any significant duration."


  • Bruder is the german word for "brother".


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