CitizenCon 2946 Subscriber Trophy

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CitizenCon 2946 Subscriber Trophy
ObtainmentCenturion or Imperator Subscription
AttachmentTrophy Case, Surface S2

Hangar Trophies have been given out since 2013 to attendees of Gamescom and since 2015 to attendees of CitizenCon. A one-off trophy was also issued for PAX Australia 2014. Some events had a 2nd version of the trophy given to Centurion or Imperator Subscribers (regardless of attendance). However the basic trophies have all been available from the RSI Website (through various means) for $5 USD, other than the CitizenCon 2948 Trophy which was given as part of the CitizenCon Digital Goodies Pack.[citation needed]


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