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CitizenCon is a yearly fan convention organized by Cloud Imperium Games as an anniversary to celebrate another year with the community, look back on all that has been accomplished, as well as to look forward to upcoming game content.

The event takes place in a different location every year, and has evolved to include cosplay contests,[1] memorabilia, sales, prizes, community booths,[2] and more.

"We planned the CitizenCon event to celebrate the anniversary with the team, who were scheduled to meet in Austin for our first company-wide development summit. As the event came together, we realized that we needed to include the community that made this game possible."[3]


Event Date Location Venue Webpage Recordings Notes
CitizenCon 2943 10th October 2013 Austin, Texas - USA Alamo Drafthouse: The Ritz (now closed) RSI YouTube This was the first CitizenCon event which was to celebrate the 1st anniversary of original Star Citizen's announcement.
CitizenCon 2944 10th October 2014 Los Angeles, California - USA Avalon Hollywood RSI YouTube This event launched the 890 Jump concept.
CitizenCon 2945 10th October 2015 Manchester - UK Runway Visitor Park, Manchester Airport RSI YouTube The event was held in a hangar which contained a retired British Airways Concord.
CitizenCon 2946 9th October 2016 Los Angeles, California - USA Avalon Hollywood RSI YouTube This event featured the now infamous Homestead Demo.
CitizenCon 2947 27th October 2017 Frankfurt - Germany Capitol Theater RSI YouTube The event was sponsored by Intel who promoted the launch of the Sabre Raven which only came with purchases of Intel's Optane 900P SSDs.
CitizenCon 2948 10th October 2018 Austin, Texas - USA Long Center RSI YouTube Originally the live panels were only to be available live for Subscribers, Concierge or owners of a paid pass, with only the keynote address being free. This plan was not received well by the community. The plan was soon dropped and the entire event was streamed for free on the RSI website for all backers. The CitizenCon Digital Goodies Pack was sold instead to help cover the event costs.
CitizenCon 2949 23rd November 2019 Manchester - UK Manchester Central Convention Complex RSI YouTube The event is sponsored by LG, AMD, Actina, and Corsair.
CitizenCon 2950 10th October 2020 Los Angeles, California - USA Los Angeles Convention Center RSI - The event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
CitizenCon 2951 9th October 2021 (Various) (Online) RSI YouTube Rather than meeting in a convention center due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the event was prerecorded from various CIGs studios and streamed on Twitch.
CitizenCon 2952 8th October 2022 Manchester - UK CIG's 'The Only Constant' studio set RSI YouTube Because the COVID-19 pandemic was still ongoing, CIG decided to hold a live online event which also included prerecord videos.
CitizenCon 2953 21st/22nd October 2023 Los Angeles, California - USA Los Angeles Convention Center RSI YouTube This was first in person event held since 2019. It was also the first event to be held over 2 days which included a 'VIP' afterparty held in the CIG LA office for people who purchased the 'VIP Ticket'.



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