Claiming a Stake

Mercenary mission from Dusters
Claiming a Stake
Priority Personal
Type Mercenary
UEC Pay 35000
Start Location Stanton AO
Faction Dusters
Parallel Missions Remove Claimjumpers

This mission has the Dusters task the player with taking out the miners and sentries at a Mining Claim in space.

Dynamic Name

  • Claiming a Stake
  • Clearing the Competition
  • Mine Worth Taking

Dynamic Description

Spoiler content

"Some lucky slaggers discovered one hell of a valuable deposit over at (Mining Claim) near (Lagrangian Point) and now they're trying their damnedest to get it all extracted double quick.

Our thinking is that we should be the ones harvesting that lode.

We got all the equipment ready to go, just need someone to clear out all the pesky miners and the orbital sentries the bastards have protecting them.

Do that for us and we'll give you a cut of the haul."

Spoiler content

"One of ours was picking up some supplies when they overheard a miner placing a big order for the new dig they had set up over at (Mining Claim) near (Lagrangian Point). Was braggin' a bit too loudly about how much they were gonna make off the strike.

Well, they may have found it, but no way in hell we're gonna let them keep it.

We want you to clear all those miners and the sentries they have in place out of the way. With the haul we're looking at, figure it's worth spending some extra credits to hire someone good like you to take care of it.

Once you've sent them packing, we can come in and collect."

Possible Targets

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