Remove Claimjumpers

Mercenary mission from Shubin Interstellar
Remove Claimjumpers
Priority General
Type Mercenary
UEC Pay 22500
Start Location Stanton AO
Faction Shubin Interstellar
Parallel Missions Claiming a Stake

The Remove Claimjumpers mission offered by Shubin tasks the player with clearing a Lagrangian Point Mining Claim of Outlaws and their sentries.


Spoiler content

"POSTING: Security / Mercenary

LOCATION: (Location) WORK EXPERIENCE: Combat Pilot (Military Experience a Plus) TERMS*: A local Stanton independent mining team was working (Mining Claim) as Shubin Interstellar contractors when a hostile force attacked and took over the site. We believe that the perpetrators are still at the claim using the equipment left behind to harvest the valuable ore there for themselves.

Among the equipment lost were orbital sentries that had unfortunately not yet been fully deployed at the time of the attack. Long range scans of the claim have led us to conclude that the outlaws have activated the orbital sentries and are using them to protect their illegal operations.

To reclaim the site, we are seeking contractors to go to (Mining Claim), destroy the orbital sentries, and clear the site for Shubin repossesion.

  • Shubin Interstellar is an equal opportunity contractor. By accepting this contract you are assuming any and all risks associated with the work outlined herein and in no way can Shubin Interstellar be held accountable for any damages accrued during the duration of the contract."

Possible Targets

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