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Collection & Disposal

Maintenance mission from Amalga Disposal Services
Collection & Disposal
Priority General
Type Maintenance
UEC Pay 3000
Start Location Hurston AO / ArcCorp AO / Crusader AO
Faction Amalga Disposal Services / Clean Crusade / MTG On-Site Collection / Rosenblum Reclamation / Unisan Custodial Operations / Imperial Waste Management

The mission Collection & Disposal involves removing unwanted 0.25 SCU crates from Outposts. The pay is terrible but can be useful for a new pilot learning the ropes.

Dynamic Name

  • Collection & Disposal (waste / bio-waste / toxic waste / scrap metal)
  • Removal Services Needed (waste / bio-waste / toxic waste / scrap metal)
  • Diposal Request (waste / bio-waste / toxic waste / scrap metal)


Spoiler content

"We've got a disposal contract that's up for grabs. You'll be picking up from a few different locations. It ain't the most glamorous gig, but hey, someone's got to clean it up, right? And at least it's honest pay. More than I can say for a lot of other jobs out there. We knows, maybe you'll be lucky and find someone to buy the (waste type) off you."

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