Combat Assistance

Service Beacons mission from Player / NPC
Combat Assistance
Priority General
Type Service Beacons
UEC Pay Any
Start Location Stanton AO
Mission Giver Player / NPC

The Combat Assistance Service Beacon tasks the player with eliminating a threat defined by a Player or NPC. This threat can be anything and located anywhere. Upon elimination, you will be paid whatever the Player or NPC paid to set up the beacon. A Quantum Travel marker will be provided so that you can reach the location. It's helpful to know that if the name has a space in it, it is an NPC - as Players cannot use spaces in their names.

These types of missions can be found in the Contract Manager under the general tab. There will be a "service beacons" category.

There are 4 levels with these missions and they each come with a higher difficulty and payout:

  • Combat Assistance - LOW THREAT
  • Combat Assistance - MODERATE THREAT
  • Combat Assistance - HIGH THREAT
  • Combat Assistance - CRITICAL THREAT


Spoiler content

"(Name) is requesting combat assistance in (Location). If accepted, you will be paid (Pay) aUEC upon elimination of the threat. Distance to (Name): (Distance)"

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