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Base Head Model
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Base Head Model 2013-03-04
Engineering - Ship Components Systems 2013-03-26
RSI Polaris Q&A Part 1 2016-10-12
RSI Polaris Q&A Part 2 2016-10-14

Greetings Citizens,

Bring me the head of John Q. Citizen! We’re starting off a busy week here at Cloud Imperium Games with a little teaser: the first shot of one of Star Citizen’s character models, currently being developed by artist Mark Skelton. This is our base head for the male character, which will be used as the starting point for our avatar customization system. We will use it to determine the base proportions for the character skeleton and rigging for animation.

It currently does not have any of the additional hair or facial customization options applied that will be in the available in the final customization system, and may be modified as production continues on the characters.This is the model you’ll see in the finished game, although it isn’t being rendered through the CryEngine yet. From here, we will build out a more robust and diverse set of character customization features. In the final version, you will be able to customize your character’s appearance, from facial features and gender to clothing and gear – this is only a very small taste of what’s to come! Check back later in the week, where you’ll see more of this man, including his textured body!

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