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Classified Report: Vanduul Bomber Identified
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Publication Date 2015-06-12
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Classified Report: Vanduul Bomber Identified 2015-06-12



Release No: NR-2567-15E

June 12, 2945

Further Details on Vanduul Raid in Oberon

On June 11, 2945 at 02:40 SET, a distress call was sent from the civilian refueling station “Diamond Jim’s Fuelporium” located within the Oberon system near the planet Oberon VI. The 341st Squadron, already on patrol nearby, was sent to investigate when subsequent attempts to hail the station were unsuccessful.

Upon arriving, the 341st discovered that the station had been destroyed. No survivors were found.

Information pulled from the station’s recovered data drives reveal that at 02:36 SET two Vanduul Bombers, UEE designation ‘Void,’ had entered within range of the station’s proximity sensors. After detecting the presence of these hostile Void Bombers, owner and operator of the station, Citizen Jim Hester, had initiated emergency procedures which triggered the aforementioned distress call. Though the station was armed with turrets, it seems that the Vanduul Bombers were able to maneuver past the station’s defenses and release a devastating mixture of missiles and boarding craft. No ships or escape pods were able to launch from the refueling station before it was overwhelmed. All 56 beings aboard at the time of the attack were killed. A full list of the deceased will be released once next of kin have been notified.

As of the release of this report, Navy forces have been unable to track down the ships responsible. Patrols will continue to search the area.

All signs point to this being an isolated incident, with the Vanduul’s main goal being the acquisition of fuel. While this is a tragic event, it is the opinion of the Naval High Command that this is not indicative of any organized Vanduul incursion into UEE space, but rather a solitary raid.

For more information, media may contact the UEE Navy High Command Public Affairs Office during normal hours.

ATTACHED: Naval Intelligence has provided a preliminary specification sheet and the latest imagery of the Void bomber. Civilians are advised to avoid any engagement with this ship type until more details are known.


Office of Public Affairs

1631-2 Media Relations

Tamerlane, MacArthur, Killian