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Golem-Tek Stores
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SourceGolem-Tek Stores
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(BUS.LIC: #2941_2_PESR)

TRT: :45


People can find your office in the vast reaches of space, but there won’t be a security checkpoint or a receptionist waiting to greet them.

Out here, the phrase ‘merger and acquisition’ is usually accomplished with composite explosives and rapid-cycling energy weapons.

Here, sipping on foodstuffs thirty meters down a dig into an unstable asteroid is your definition of a ‘power lunch.’

You come here every day. It’s not glamorous or pretty, but this is what you do.

More than that, this is who you are.

To all the boomers, haulers, dumpers and scav-jockeys, listen up. This is for you.

Whether you’re hunting minerals, crossing the void to break down a piece of salvage or guarding valuable cargo through a rough patch of space, you need a suit that’s as tough as you are.

Stop by our EVA department and see the full line of commercial and personal suit options from RSI, Hawthorne and others.

Here at Golem-Tek, you aren’t going to find yourself talking to some kid who’s going to spit number values at you. We pride ourselves on compiling performance reports from working professionals who talk from experience, not from a sales manual.

We will walk you through every detail of your suit because, when several layers of material is all that stands between you and the great adios, you need to be able to work in confidence that it won’t let you down.

Now, we know that your workday sometimes involves contact with aggressive negotiators. Where an exit strategy can be the difference between going home to your loved ones or a quiet and cold funeral.

For those close encounters, we are proud to announce that Golem-Tek stores will start stocking multi-grade levels of personal body armor from Whitley-rated manufacturers in all the models you’ve come to depend on, like Basilisk’s Carapace armor, CDS’ PAB Series and the Zeus system from Virgil.

Our network of veteran combat operatives will give you the straight feed to help you find the ideal armor to suit your needs.

Because another day at the office has a different meaning for you.

And we carry the suits that workers trust: shift after shift, job after job.

Simple, right?



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