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Kaizen - 2943-03-19
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SourceKaizen - 2943-03-19
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KAIZEN Your jump point to financial solvency

Past performance is not indicative of future results. Neither Schere nor Kaizen guarantees any specific outcome or profit. Before acting on information in this program, you should strongly consider seeking advice from your own financial or investment adviser. > #

It’s nine a.m. here on Earth. Time to open for business. Hello, my name is Aaron Schere and welcome to the first … the inaugural episode of KAIZEN, a weekly analysis of the UEE economy. We’re going to look at the latest fluctuations in the markets and cover the week’s developments in the trading and business world. Along the way, we’ll pull together some of the most influential and dynamic voices to help keep you in the know.

Want to know who’s going to give you the best return on your investment? Need to find who’s got a surplus of raw materials? Do you need a system-by-system analysis of demand and market prices? Well, you’ve found it.

This is the Breakdown …

<cue graphic>

We’ve tapped the finest data relay services from around the systems to get you as close-to-current financial information as possible.

DISCLAIMER: Financial information is considered near-current at time of recording. Schere, Kaizen, Farnes Media Partners, or Banshee Courier Services are not responsible for the accuracy of the information after recording.

Here’s our first batch:

Stanton System

Shubin’s strip mining operations on MicroTech seem to have hit a standstill but we’re speculating that their need for fuels and repair parts won’t go down anytime soon. Now, whenever you’re dealing with a conglomerate like Shubin, you have to enter into negotiations prepared. Their offers will start well below market value, sometimes as much as thirty percent. The trick is to do your research — most Corps operate with a cache of resources in anticipation of work stoppages, so avoid common materials or gases if you want to get any kind of decent return.

Chronos System

With last week’s announcement about a “breakthrough” in the Synthworld project, the system’s economic needs have been reviving. Now, I’m not optimistic that their announcement is anything but a UEE marketing ploy. On the plus side though, UEE invoices for geoengineering technology and raw materials have been getting approved. So contact your local UEE rep to see exactly what they’re looking for.

Ellis System

Racing season’s rapidly approaching, so the planets in Ellis are starting to collect bulk food and raw materials for constructing the various temp tracks and skyboxes. We spoke to a foreman at MCR’s base camp who echoed the commission’s press statement.

“In an effort to keep costs down, we’re trying out a new system of collecting our supplies from independent contractors as opposed to a single one-stop-shop Corp.”

More information is available directly through the MCR commission.

Davien System

Finally, I’m sure all of you have heard about the terrible storms ravaging Davien II, specifically around New Arden. Needless to say, they are in desperate need of medical supplies, food and construction materials. Now, as an economic analyst, I’m compelled to say that I wouldn’t recommend trading if you’re solely looking at the bottom line. However as a Citizen, I say, take the financial hit to help out your fellow human. Besides, it never hurts to get on the UEE’s good side.

That’s the Breakdown. We’ll check back in with more system updates over the hour.

We’re going to take a quick break with a word from our sponsors, but when we get back, we look at the symbiotic relationship between crime and the economy. There has been a common perception that poverty and crime are linked, based on the belief that areas of economic depression are at risk of an increased crime rate. But can you also draw a direct connection between crime and prosperity?

Later on in the hour, we’ll also take an in-depth look at building a factory. What do you need to get started? What kind of materials do you need? And location, location, location, what’s that sweet spot between cost and safety. We’ll be joined by Sasha Bart, one of New United’s top economic correspondents.

That and a whole lot more when Kaizen returns.


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