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RSI Polaris Q&A Part 2
SourceRSI Polaris Q&A Part 2
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Seid gegrüßt Citizens,

Polaris Cockpit

Das neuste leichte Großkampfschiff des United Empire of Earth (UEE) ist da, und ihr seid herzlich eingeladen an Bord zu kommen! Die sehnsüchtig erwartete RSI Polaris wurde bereits 2946 auf der CitizenCon vorgestellt, und heute freuen wir uns die Q&A Serie fortzuführen, indem wir eure brennenden Fragen zur Polaris in diesem zweiten und finalen Teil beantworten.

The Polaris is a nimble corvette-class capital ship that packs a powerful punch with a full armament of turrets and [[Torpedo{{#translation:}}|torpedoes]]. Intended for use as both a naval patrol ship and to serve as the flagship of militia operations, Polaris has the capacity to perform search and rescue operations, light strike missions and general security patrols. The Polaris includes the facilities to repair, rearm and refuel a single [[:Category:Ships{{#translation:}}|fighter]], light bomber or support ship.

Besonderer Dank geht an Steven Turberfield, der sich die Zeit genommen hat, diese Fragen zu beantworten.

Fragen & Antworten

If I wanted to use the Polaris to haul [[Cargo{{#translation:}}|cargo]], can I use the hangar bay for that? What about swapping out the torpedoes for additional cargo space? If so, how much cargo do you anticipate can fit using all the space available to me?

The torpedo bay is non-modular, and will not be replaceable, as the ships main purpose is to bring firepower. Strictly speaking, you can put whatever you want inside the hangar bay as long as you can make it fit, but the issue you may run into is the lack of cargo plates, like the ones found in the cargo hold, that allow you to attach your haul to the ship. You may find that cargo floating away when the hangar doors open in zero G. While we may investigate after-market options to prevent this from happening in the future, there are no plans to do so at this time.

The other two capital-class ships like the [[Idris (series){{#translation:}}|Idris]] and the [[Javelin{{#translation:}}|Javelin]] come with an Argo. Will the Polaris also come with an [[Argo (series){{#translation:}}|Argo]]?

There are no plans to include an Argo at present.

What do you mean when you refer to the Polaris as being “versatile?”

The Polaris will be versatile in the way you will be able to use it for things such as Strike Missions, Search and Rescue, and general patrol. But in addition to this, Cargo facilities will allow movement of haulage and the hangar essentially will allow you to carry a range of different smaller ships to areas outside of their usual reach.

Since the Polaris is intended to be a “self-sustaining combat platform” and “capable of extended deployment without resupply” does it have a medical facility or Captain’s quarters?

I can confirm that both a captains quarters (and secondary quarters for the fighter pilot or second in command) and also a small medical bay are indeed present on the Polaris. In addition to this, the Polaris has capacity for a large stockpile of 24 Torpedoes, as well as another 4 ready loaded for launching.

What makes the Polaris more than, “just a better [[Retaliator{{#translation:}}|Retaliator]]?”

The ability to have another ship in its hangar is the obvious one, plus support for a whole [[Crew{{#translation:}}|crew]]. Along with the ability to carry cargo without the need of a module, essentially meaning you do not lose any existing features for it. Other than the engineering post of the Retaliator, it only supports the pilot and a few gunners, the Polaris can let a whole strike team work together at maximum efficiency. Generally speaking, it fills a similar role, but on a much larger scale, and carries with it the presence of a capital ship as well as extra facilities that support the diverse skill-set of its crew which goes beyond piloting, gunnery, and the firing of torpedoes. The cargo hold can be used for mission-related supplies such as spacesuits, ammunition, repair supplies, medical equipment, and other things that make a sustained, more self-sufficient deployment possible without compromising its offensive capability, as well as prepare the Polaris for a broader range of contingencies than only torpedo delivery.

How modular is the ship? Can the torpedo, hangar, and cargo bays be replaced? If so, with what?

There are no plans for these large, internal spaces to be modular. We expect the Polaris to have the same customization options found in most ships utilizing the component system.

What can you tell us about the cockpit view? It appears to be obstructed in much the same manner as the [[Constellation{{#translation:}}|Constellation]]. What is the reasoning for this?

The Cockpit glass is essentially a callback to other [[Roberts Space Industries (manufacturer){{#translation:}}|RSI]] ships, basically a signature style. While the struts are present, the overall size of the glass coverage will allow great wide angle views for the bridge and turret crews.

Does the Polaris carry any fixed [[:Category:Ship Weapons{{#translation:}}|weaponry]]? There is conflicting data between the ship page, the matrix, and the brochure about how many turrets are manned and unmanned, fixed hardpoints, etc.

The current planned weaponry loadout for the Polaris is 4x S10 torpedo launch tubes, 6x Manned Turrets, 1x Remote Operated Turret on the Nose (controlled from the bridge) and 1x Automated Lower Rear turret. Apologies for any confusion, if there are discrepancies on the site we will adjust them.

Could we fully repair and refill any ship that fits inside the hangar bay?

Refill and restocking will be an option, and some degree of [[Repair{{#translation:}}|repair]] is possible; the hangar has enough room for technicians and repairmen to walk around the ship and use portable repair tools and onboard supplies to repair damage to a greater degree than a lone mechanic on location in the field, but it’s not quite the same as a [[Crucible{{#translation:}}|Crucible]]’s fully equipped workshop. You should be able to perform patch jobs and repairs, but if the ship comes back really wrecked, you’ll want a find a proper repair bay or Crucible for a full repair.

Will Polaris have any other rooms not shown on layout?

Rooms not listed in the brochure include an armoury, med bay, brig, Captains Quarters and secondary quarters for the fighter pilot or second in command.


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