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Owned and operated by Aciedo, these communication arrays provide comm coverage and ECN services to a sector of space. Their functionality or lack thereof is determined by gameplay. Each planet or moon in a UEE system is usually orbited by one of these stations.

It is possible to hack a comm array using a cryptokey, which can allow you to disable them. Disabling a comm array will make it so no CrimeStat will be registered in the corresponding area. Therefore, comm arrays often come under target by criminals. Aciedo will then call on local citizens/technicians to repair them. Such missions can be acquired through MobiGlas.

List of known stations

Planet Comm Array Coverage Area
ArcCorp ST3-18 Lyria
ST3-35 Wala
ST3-90 ArcCorp
Crusader ST2-28 Cellin
ST2-47 Daymar
ST2-55 Crusader
ST2-76 Yela
Hurston ST1-02 Ita
ST1-13 Arial
ST1-48 Magda
ST1-61 Hurston
ST1-92 Aberdeen
microTech ST4-22 MicroTech
ST4-31 Calliope
ST4-59 Clio
ST4-64 Euterpe



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