Star Citizen Wiki Crusader Bounty (VLRT)

Crusader Bounty (VLRT)

Bounty Hunter mission from Crusader Security
Crusader Bounty (VLRT)
Priority General
Type Bounty Hunter
UEC Pay 4000
Start Location Crusader AO
Requirements Verified Freelancer Bounty Assessment
Faction Crusader Security

The mission Crusader Bounty (VLRT) sees Crusader Security task the player with taking down a Very Low-Risk Target (VLRT) in the Crusader vicinity.


  • Bounty Issued For (Name) (VLRT)


Spoiler content

"This might end up being a bit like sending a sheep after a wolf, but I'm hoping you can collect the bounty on (Full Name) for me. Tracking them down shouldn't be that hard since they've been making quite a name for themselves lately. They were last seen at (Location).

Having dealt with similar contracts in the past, I'm suspecting that you'll only meet light resistance. A solo pilot at best, a single-seater with maybe an escort or two at worst.


ID# 91G66BW0"

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