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Crusader Security

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Crusader Security
Headquarters Crusader, Stanton System
Type Faction
Parent Org Crusader Industries
Current Leader Sasha Rust
Focus Law Enforcement

"Like many who travel to the Stanton System, you may be wondering how the laws and regulations of the four megacorps compare to the laws in the rest of the UEE. While our status as an independent planet allows us latitude to govern as we see fit, you may be surprised to learn that Crusader Industries adheres to many of the legal guidelines set forth by the Empire in order to provide a safe and secure environment for all.

Here are few tips to remember while visiting Crusader and its surrounding sectors:

  • While the level of crime here is typically no higher than many places in the Empire, visitors should be cautious traveling to more remote areas such as the asteroid belt around the moon Yela since outlaw attacks have been known to occur.
  • Even though you are in Crusader Security patrolled space, damaging another individual's ship or interfering with public landing areas are still considered misdemeanors. Note that repeated offenses will be taken very seriously.
  • Beware of contract offers that involve the disabling of comm arrays. Unsavory individuals often try to lure unsuspecting victims to do this illegal task for them under false pretenses, and many travellers have fallen for this scam. Know that TAMPERING WITH COMM ARRAYS IS AGAINST THE LAW and endangers other people's lives. Anyone caught disabling a comm array will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • The moons of Crusader are home to many beautiful sights, and touring them is a must while visiting the area. Just be sure to avoid unmarked outposts, bring plenty of fuel and oxygen, and always locate your closest emergency shelter before setting out an expedition.
  • Crusader Security encourages individuals to join us in helping promote a safe environment. Whether you help track down a wanted criminal, assist in patrolling nearby sectors, or respond to ECN alerts to help ships in distress, any contributions you make to the community's overall security will be noted in your records and may go a long way in making up for any previous minor infractions. By working together we can all make Crusader a better place to visit."
    A Visitor's Guide to Crusader Security