Crusader FPS Cave Bounty (?RT)

Bounty Hunter mission from Crusader Security
Crusader FPS Cave Bounty (?RT)
Priority General
Type Bounty Hunter
UEC Pay 25000
Start Location Crusader AO
Requirements Verified Freelancer Bounty Assessment
Faction Crusader Security

The mission Crusader FPS Cave Bounty (?RT) has Crusader Security task the player with finding and eliminating an Unknown-Risk Target (?RT) in the Crusader vicinity somewhere within a cave in one of the planet's moons. The target can be located either by activating a communications array in the vicinity or by the use of scanners.


  • Bounty Extraction:... (?RT)


Spoiler content

"Crusader, in accordance with UEE Law, has issued a bounty for (Full Name). You are charged with apprehgending this criminal from their hideout at a cave on (Location). The cave can only be accessed on foot.

Please be careful entering the site as (Surname) may not be alone.

CONTRACT AUTHORIZED BY: Liaison Officer Bautista

ID# 948J030K"

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