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Rendering technology
Nvidia DLSS logo.webp

Deep Learning Super Sampling, or DLSS, is an artifical intelligence rendering technology that allows for better image quality at higher fps.[1]

Star Citizen introduced support for DLSS 2 Super Resolution in Alpha 3.23, accelerating frame rates in areas where performance isn’t limited by the CPU.[2][3] To alleviate those limitations, Cloud Imperium Games has deployed its new Vulkan Renderer, which in a future update will add CPU multi-threading, enabling player GPU to be better utilized, allowing DLSS to further increase frame rates in many more of the massive game’s locales.[2]


Deep Learning

Nvidia RTX GPUs use Tensor cores which are specialized AI processors that allow to execute fast predictive AI models on every frame.[1]

Super Sampling

Super sampling is the act of rendering the image in a higher resolution than that of the monitor, and then transforming the higher resolution to the output resolution. This is a form of anti-aliasing to improve the image quality compared to directly rendering it in the native output resolution

DLSS 1.0

After an Nvidia researcher used a convolutional network to fix damaged photographs in 2016, Nvidia saw an opportunity to make games run faster by first reducing the rendering solution and then using AI the fill the missing information thus generating high quality images at higher performance.[1]

DLSS 2.0

DLSS 2.0 noticably improves image quality with less artifacts and aliasing, and has an increased upscaling ratio, with 1080p able to render at 4k. The neural network works twice as fast.[1]

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