Dearly Departed

Mercenary mission from Tecia Pacheco
Dearly Departed
Priority Personal
Type Mercenary
UEC Pay 28000 - 36000
Start Location ArcCorp AO / Mission Giver
Faction Tecia Pacheco

The mission Dearly Departed sees Tecia Pacheco task the player with assaulting an underground bunker on one of ArcCorp's moons as a distraction for her own activities. While offered by Pacheco in person, this mission can also be obtained via mobiGlas.

The enemy resistance consists of Turrets outside the bunker, although these can often be evaded by parking behind a hill as they do not fire on players who are on-foot - as well as the six target BlacJac Security mercenaries inside, each equipped with a P4-AR and either medium or heavy armor.


  • Dearly Departed
  • Down for the Count
  • BlacJac Blackout



Spoiler content

"I have something big in the works but in order to pull it off I'm going to need to make sure that BlacJac won't have enough resources available and that they'll be suitably distracted.

Figured I'd kill two birds and have you go raid (Location) and kill every officer you find there.

That should get their attention.



Spoiler content

"Got a tip that there’s an operation being planned to raid one of my businesses. Need you to go down to (Location) and clear out all the BlacJac scum you find.

That should be more than enough chaos so I have time to get everything sorted on my end.



Spoiler content

"A crew of mine were stopped mid-job by a BlacJac patrol. What should have been a simple arrest turned into a damn bloodbath thanks to the overzealous bootstompers playing judge and jury.

Can’t have my people done like that. I want you to go to (Location) and take every last one of them out.

They don’t want to play by the rules, then they don’t get to play at all.


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