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Tecia Pacheco

Character in Star Citizen
Tecia "Twitch" Pacheco
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2949 (before)
Role Drug Dealer
Actor Katrina Nare
Current Employment
Occupation Drug Dealer
Workplace Area18

Tecia "Twitch"[1] Pacheco is a drug dealer with connections, who resents BlacJac Security,[2] her former employer. She can be found in Area18 on ArcCorp. Due to a tragic accident she suffered nerve damage, resulting in her termination from the organization. Regardless of this, she tries to hide that fact to maintain her reputation as a respected soldier.

Datamined audio suggests that she is a member of the Otoni Group, in hostile competition with Wallace Klim.

Pacheco was included as a mission giver in Alpha 3.5.[3] She is portrayed by actress Katrina Nare.


Twitch (nickname only) was detailed in an old issue of Jump Point, although her role seems to have changed slightly.[4] Her development gave the character designers the opportunity to show what their finalized hair pipeline can do.



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