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DustUp Core

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DustUp Core.png
DustUp Core
Manufacturer Kastak Arms (KSAR)
Class Medium Armor
Type Core
UEC Cost 3200
Armor 30% Reduction

The DustUp has your back if you're looking to get into some trouble. The body plating is built off of the same CDS undersuit used by the UEE Marines, it adds reconstructed Omni-Role mkII pieces to give you solid protection against incoming fire, but the real gem is the modified helmet. That thing was built to withstand explosions, so it should totally protect you against some shots. The whole thing's been reasonably tested against vacuum too, so you can feel free to EVA all you want without worrying about dying.

DustUp Core is sold at the following locations as of Alpha 3.3.7:

Shop Price Color
Cordry's, Levski 3200 Tan
Skutters, GrimHEX 3200 Black
DustUp Core Black.png

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