Elijah McNeal

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Elijah McNeal in 2013

Elijah McNeal is a freelance concept artist. He was previously a concept artist at CIG Austin in 2013.[1] He did a lot of early concept arts and illustrations on vehicles, environments, and props.[2]


  • He previously served in the US Navy.[2]
  • He came into contact with Chris Olivia through a mutual friend that was his rigging instructor while studying animation in college. CIG is his first studio, he started working here before he graduated from Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg The Art Institute of Dallas.[1]
  • He did some minor work for Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Transformers Prime, coloring for promotional art on Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Ben 10, and he did multiple package illustrations for Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Skylanders Giants (Eye Brawl, TreeWrex, Stump Smash, among others) while he was an intern during his college education.[1]


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