Chris Olivia

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Chris Olivia

Chris Olivia was Chief Visual Officer at Cloud Imperium Games.[1][2][3]

Work at CIG

Chris Olivia was helping oversee the visual look of the universe and working with the art team, both in-house and freelancers, to see that the game is set in a convincing, believable and immersive world. He also helped design some of the alien races and fill in any other conceptual design cracks as needed.[4]

Other work

He worked with Chris Roberts on and off at 3 different companies, Origin Systems, Digital Anvil and CIG and has worked on Wing Commander III[5] and IV, Wing commander the movie, Freelancer, Brute Force and Star Citizen.[4] He worked on movies including Star Trek The Experience, Predators, Alita: Battle Angel and more.[6]

He was working at Lightbox, and when Lightbox shut down he was poached by Eric Peterson, alongside with Mark Skelton, Chris Smith, Bryan Brewer, Tom Sawyer.[7]


  • At the age of 21, he worked as a special make up effects artist for the adult film industry  (freak films were popular at the time).[4]
  • He worked with Robert Rodriguez’s in house creative visual development team for about 10 years.[5][4]
  • He was a judge for The Next Great Starship.[2]


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