End Nine Tails' Occupation at Orison

Priority mission from Civilian Defense Force
End Nine Tails' Occupation at Orison
Priority General
Type Priority
UEC Pay Up to 380,000
Requirements CrimeStat 0 to 5
Faction Civilian Defense Force


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Attention, Nine Tails forces have seized control of several commercial platforms near Orison. Using an Identity Friend or Foe Inverter (IFFI), they have taken over the restricted air space surrounding the platforms and only Nine Tails affiliated ships can gain access to the area. This has severely hampered Crusader Security's initial attempts at retaking the platforms. As such, Crusader has requested that CDF forces assist in shutting down the inverter and eliminating all hostile presence. Any available CDF volunteers are encouraged to provide support.

Additional Intel:

  • While the inverter is active and the airspace inaccessible, CDF has managed to gain control of a local shuttle system and route it to access Solanki Platform without the Nine Tails knowledge. Volunteers will need to head to the Crusader Industries Showroom on the Commercial Platform and get to the rooftop to find the shuttle that will travel to the occupied platforms.
  • The IFFI is believed to be located in a locked storage container on a cargo barge docked at the central Admin Center.
  • Access codes for the IFFI container are in the possession of the leader of the Nine Tails forces, Mendo Ren.
  • Past experience with Mendo Ren indicates that he is unlikely to show his face and risk capture. However, if all his lieutenants are neutralized, we believe he will have no choice but to take command of the forces in person and provide us the opportunity to retrieve the codes from him.
  • In addition to the shuttle system, Crusader Security has informed us that there are several vehicles on the platforms available for CDF to commandeer. These vehicles will be the only way of reaching the Admin Center. NOTE - If all of the vehicles within the restricted air space are destroyed before the inverter can be shut down, then there will be no way of reaching the cargo barge and the CDF will be forced to retreat.
  • The platforms are protected by Nine Tails controlled Anti-Air weapons.

Please be aware that SAIC Rowena Dulli from the Advocacy is the official attaché to the CDF and will be running the operation."



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