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Eye accessory

An eyewear is an accessory that can be equipped to the eyes.

Page Image ManufacturerOccupancy
Placeholderv2.pngApex GlassesOctagon0.8 KµSCU8.0e-4 SCU <br />800 µSCU <br />
Aponte-Explorer.jpgAponte Explorer GogglesRambler0.8 KµSCU8.0e-4 SCU <br />800 µSCU <br />
Avalos-Scout.jpgAvalos Scout GogglesRambler0.8 KµSCU8.0e-4 SCU <br />800 µSCU <br />
Placeholderv2.pngAvalos Scout Goggles (Modified) (Nine Tails)Rambler0.8 KµSCU8.0e-4 SCU <br />800 µSCU <br />
AvantX Spv.jpgAvantX GlassesSpar Van Miles0.8 KµSCU8.0e-4 SCU <br />800 µSCU <br />
Ectio FIO.jpgEctio GlassesFiore0.8 KµSCU8.0e-4 SCU <br />800 µSCU <br />
Haruspec Scu.jpgHaruspec GogglesStegman's0.8 KµSCU8.0e-4 SCU <br />800 µSCU <br />
Placeholderv2.pngHaruspec Goggles (Modified) (Nine Tails)Stegman's0.8 KµSCU8.0e-4 SCU <br />800 µSCU <br />
JacopoMonocle.pngJacopo MonocleSchui0.8 KµSCU8.0e-4 SCU <br />800 µSCU <br />
Sarrab FIO.jpgSarrab GlassesFiore0.8 KµSCU8.0e-4 SCU <br />800 µSCU <br />
Placeholderv2.pngSightRight GogglesStegman's0.8 KµSCU8.0e-4 SCU <br />800 µSCU <br />


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