Faceware Motion Sensor

Motion sensing camera project
Motion sensor camera prototype from the collaboration between faceware and Cloud Imperium Games.

The Faceware Motion Sensor was a motion sensing camera collaboration between Faceware Technologies and Cloud Imperium Games.[1][2]

While facial motion capture can work with almost any webcam, In order to convey the best Face Over Internet Protocol (FOIP) experience, Faceware started developping the Faceware Motion Sensor designed specifically for the facial tracking of players.[3]

The Faceware Motion Sensor has gone through dozens of iterations and over a hundred different sensors have been tested.[4]

No mention of the product has been made by either CIG or Faceware since late 2018, and the Faceware Motion Sensor is therefore considered unofficially abandonned.

Technical Specifications

  • 60 fps.[5]
  • 3.4 Megapixels.[5]
  • 1/3 inch.[5]
  • color image.[5]
  • low light: 720 or 1080 in near dark environments.[5]
  • single user field of view.[5]
  • sharp focus: high resolution glass lens.[5]
  • USB 3.0.[5]


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