Finish Covalex Delivery

Delivery mission from Various
Gundo 3.jpg
Finish Covalex Delivery
Priority General
Type Delivery
UEC Pay 5000
Start Location Crusader AO
Mission Giver Various

The mission Finish Covalex Delivery tasks the player with retrieving a small cargo crate from the destroyed Covalex shipping hub Gundo above Daymar. It makes sense to pick up this mission if you are also doing P.I. Wanted so that your trip to the destroyed station is more profitable.


  • Finish Covalex Delivery
  • Waiting on my Package
  • Frustrated with Covalex
  • Complete Delivery Order
  • Need My Package Found


Spoiler content

"I am going crazy. Covalex keeps telling me that they delivered my package, but I didn't get it. The last routing information I have places it at their Gundo center, so I'm thinking that it got misplaced when they had the big accident there. If you could go check it out, I bet you anything that it's just sitting there. This whole thing has been taking so long, it'd be great to get this wrapped up as fast as possible. If it is there, I'll pay to have you bring it to (Location)."


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