P.I. Wanted

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P.I. Wanted
Gundo 3.jpg
Mission Summary
Priority Personal
Type Investigation
UEC Buy In 0
UEC Pay 830
Start Location Stanton System
Mission Giver Elaine Ward
Requirements None
Difficulty Easy
Faction None

Mission Brief

Private Investigator Wanted

Immediate need for an experienced and discreet Private Investigator near Crusader to look into an insurance matter. Flat rate. No expenses. Start date will be as soon as possible. If you are interested track this listing.


Investigate what really happened to Covalex Hub Gundo, finding evidence to exonerate or incriminate the accused Darnell Ward, who died aboard the station. This mission has multiple endings.


This mission does not feature combat, although other players are a reasonable hazard, particularly when in EVA.

"Thank you for getting in touch with me. My husband recently died aboard the Gundo Covalex Station, but the company is refusing to pay out his insurance claim, because they say he was at fault. It's ridiculous. There is no way that's true. I know my husband. Darnell had his problems but that is all in the past. I want you to go to the Covalex station and send me evidence that my husband is innocent, but even if you find out that he isn't, you'll still get paid. I know your time is valuable and really, I just want to know the truth. I've attached the insurance claim to get you started. Good luck, and I hope to hear from you soon, one way or another"

Elaine Ward

Quantum drive to 'Covalex Shipping Hub'. Enter the station via the hull breach next to the landing pads.

New Objective: Submit the Evidence

Elaine forwards you the insurance claim as promised:


FW: Darnell Ward Beneficiary Claim

To: Elaine Ward

From: Imperial General Insurance

Subject: Darnell Ward Beneficiary Claim

2945.10.27 11:13SET

Dear Elaine Ward,

As you know, I have been investigating your beneficiary claim resulting from the loss of Darnell Ward. We are sorry to inform you that after careful consideration and review, our investigation has revealed the cause of loss is not covered by the employee policy provided by Covalex Shipping.

Personal Life Policy 02107 02012000 notes the following exclusions under which benefits will not be paid if the loss:

(A) results from the Insured's alcoholism or addiction to drugs or narcotics; but not addiction which results from the administration of those substances in accordance with the advice and written instructions of a Licenced Health Care Practitioner.

(B) results from the Insured's participation in a felony, riot or insurrection, or involvement in an illegal occupation.

The preponderance of the evidence collected at Covalex Gundo Station and witness statements indicate that the insured was intoxicated to the point he lost normal control of his mental and physical...


Access the glowing terminal on the pillar.

"A.Skenning - Recovered Data

To: Ava Skenning

From: Ava Skenning

Sub: Preliminary Findings

2945.09.23 15:46SET


Incident Report #GJC-99091

To members of teh Executive Team,

I am in the process of preparing a complete summary, but wanted to give you a high level overview of our findings.

On 2945-08-27, Covalex Station Gundo suffered a catastrophic system overload which triggered an explotion that resulted in the deaths of sixteen employees and millions in structural damage.

Initial investigation into the station's server logs found that one of the Maintenance workers (WARD, DARNELL File#438956) had been running stress tests throughout the day to address a power runoff issue. System login indicates that Ward attempted another stress test at 1400 SET on day of accident, but didn't ever turn the system off. Station systems went critical without the local failsafes and an explosion was inevitable.

Reviewing Ward's personnel file indicated that he'd had addiction issues in the past and had even been suspended previously for negligence. Though supervisor reviews indicated he'd cleaned up since his return, our teams found evidence that he slipped back into bad habits shortly before the accident.

To perform our due dilligence, we've exhausted other potential causes, but this one seems to be the most likely. As I mentioned, I'm still compiling my final report, which you will have when I make my presentation to the board.

Ava Skenning


Corporate Security - Covalex

The information contained in this message is confidential and only intended for the recipients. If you have received this message in error, please notify Covalex Corporate Security team and they will guide you through proper deletion protocol. Distributing, releasing or holding this private company communication is strictly prohibited.


Use the green terminal on the nearby desk.

"Hey Darnell, it's Racine over at Corporate Ops. Give me a shout back when you clock in. Just wanted to follow up a bit on the distro issue. Talk to you in a bit, bye.

Darnell, Racine again. Still need to sync up about the power distribution problem. Where are you man?

Getting tired of waiting Darnell, call me!"

Racine Chodary

Head left down the corridor and through the elevator shaft, onto Deck 3. Enter EZ-Hab pod #1 and access the laptop on the desk.

"To: Anya Sugari

From: Scott Hammell

Subject: Thanks for the Gift!!

2945-08-26 22:45 SET

Scott Hammell - Hey babe, I just got the package you sent, thanks a million for the mobiMod! It is incredible. Sorry for the noise, the crew surprised me with a shindig.

Mel Ososky - Damn right we did. Hey, Anya!

Scott Hammell - Holy shit, is that a bottle of Esquire?

Mel Ososky - Damn right!

Scott Hammell - How did you afford this?

Mel Ososky - Less talk more drink. Hey Darnell. Hey! Darnell! Get in on this! Oh come on!

Darnell Ward - No, thanks.

Scott Hammell - Geez Darnell look, just one.

Darnell Ward - Maybe a sip.

Scott Hammell - There we go!

Mel Ososky - Bye Anya! Let's go. Darnell one more, one more.

Scott Hammell - Hey, look, I'm gonna get back to it but let me know how your dissertation's going. Anyway, I love you and I miss you. Thank you again for the present. Bye babe."

Head down the corridor and acces the glowing panel in front of Hab #3.


D.Gethart - Recovered Data

To: Genevieve Miko

From: Dennis Gethart

Re: Door Codes

2945.09.22 14:31SET

Hey Gen,

No, haven't touched it. I checked with Ava though. She said just to leave it. Ososky isn't a person of interest in the investigation. Clean-up teams will reset the code when they sweep the station.


>To: Dennis Gethart

>From: Genevieve Miko

>Re: Door Codes

>2945.09.22 14:27SET > >Melanie Ososky. > >To: Genevieve Miko

>From: Dennis Gethart

>Re:Door Codes

>2945.09.22 14:26SET > >Hey Gen, > >Who's hab is this? > >Dennis > >To: Dennis Gethart

>From: Genevieve Miko

>Subject: Door Codes

>2945.02.22 14:22SET > >Hey, Dennis > >I'm supposed to be packing up these habs, but can't seem to access one of the doors. The code on file isn't working. Did you change it? > >Gen >


Next check the glowing panel in front of Hab #6.





This room has been sealed as a crime scene. All persons are forbidden to enter without express permission from lead investigator.


Head around the corner at the end to reach another elevator shaft. Head down to the large administrative room on Deck 2 and use the green terminal just on your right.

"To: Gundo Station Staff

From: Covalex Security

Subject: Employee Notice - New Scan Protocols

2945-08-20 09:23 SET

Recently, there has been an increase in contraband and black market activity in the Stanton System. The Advocacy and Crusader Industries Security forces have reached out and asked for Covalex Shipping's help in curtailing such activities.

As many of you know, Covalex Shipping has a long history of helping authorities eliminate the transport of illegal goods. As such, starting this week, all cargo moving through Covalex Shipping centers in Stanton will be subject to heightened scan protocols and security measures. Training vids and procedure manuals are being circulated and are also available on the intraspec under Covalex>Security>Stanton.

Your help in this important matter is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor.

Working together, we can deliver a difference.


Sashi Michaels, Chief Security Officer

Covalex Shipping - Stanton


To: Mel Ososky

From: Astro Armada Sales Team

Subject: Plan-And-Fly Service

2945.08.15 08:54SET

To Ms. Ososky,

Thank you for visiting Astro Armada's Plan-And-Fly service. The custom Freelancer you designed has a build-time of four weeks based on the options chosen.

Please contact our sales office if you would like to put down a payment and get the ball rolling.

Best regards,

Sean Halloway

Senior Sales Associate

Astro Armada Branch 334



Over on the left by the opening in the room is another green terminal.


S.Hammell - Recovered Data



Ross Biollo Notes:

  • Has developed a strong rapport with the haulers which can be good and bad.
  • Needs to make sure that professionalism isn't lost completely.
  • Two citations this year for not properly logging crates. Needs to be more detail focused. One more strike?
  • Does a lot to help maintain crew morale.

Darnell Ward Notes:

  • Was a little abrasive at first when he came back, but has settled back into a solid routine. Once in a while still have to remind him about watching his attitude.
  • Punctuality problems seemed to have gone away. Has been on time regularly for past 3 months.
  • Keeps personal space clean.
  • Can sometimes be too diligent in trying to figure out a problem. Over thinks things sometimes which means tasks can take a little longer than expected.
  • Also can lead to taking unnecessary risks.
  • Very proactive though. Will address issues without needing to be told to do so.

Nico Theolone Notes:

  • Very focused.
  • Gets job done.
  • Figure out how to mention deodorant thing???

Kiyomi Santos Notes:

  • So far so good. Seems to be stepping into the position well.
  • Good attitude.
  • Reports could be a little cleaner. Have noticed a few typos and errors. Simple things. Should take the time to double check before filing.
  • Schedule rotation suggestion was a good one.
  • Possible candidate for advanced training.

Mel Ososky Notes:

  • Needs to be more mindful of using mobiGlas during work hours.
  • Has helped to improve the distro rate. Moving more crates through thanks to oversight on the cargo manifests.
  • Can be territorial with responsibilities. Needs to be more willing to let others help.

Self Eval Notes:

  • Need to be better about respecting personal hours. I have sometimes taken advantage of employees living onsite and it can blur the lines between on and off hours. Downtime is important.
  • Profits have exceeded the 3% growth mandated by Covalex. In large part to my management.
  • Employee retention has increased. Turnover rate has significantly dropped.
  • Need to be better about following up on things earlier. Don't assume employees are tracking deadlines.

Now EVA on over to the far right of the room where there is a corridor. Down the corridor, on the right, there is another glowing terminal.


D.Gethart - Recovered Data

To: Ava Skenning

From: Dennis Gethart

Subject: Hab Codes

2945.09.21 16:53SET


Pulled the Hab door codes from the SysAdmin's terminal and tested them out. Here's the list:

Hab 1: Hammell, Scott - 1170

Hab 2: Biollo, Ross - 3633

Hab 3: Ososky, Mel - 1352 (*Note: This code seems to be outdated. Didn't work on the door)

Hab 4: Santos, Kiyomio - 9898

Hab 5: Theolone, Nico - 1318

Hab 7: Besser, Claudia - 7871

Hab 8: Temp Housing - 2231

And here's the specific one you wanted:

Hab 6: Ward, Darnell - 6682

Let me know if you need anything else.


Now that you have these codes, Darnell Ward's hab is now open to you. However, don't head back just yet. Keep going down the corridor to reach another admin room on the other side. There's another green terminal here.


K.Santos - Recovered Data



From: Kiyomi Santos

Sub: Master Override Code


Hi Scott,

While performing a routine security check on personnal access codes for the sleeping pods, I noticed that Mel's access code is different than the one we have on file. I don't know if it was on a holdover from the last shift or if she changed it without authorization, but went ahead and reset it to a new Unlock code (attached).

Do you want to send the update to Corporate or should I? Also, I can remind Mel about our security policy if you want. Not sure how you prefer to handle this kind of stuff.




Now you will be able to access both locked rooms. There's a nearby elevator shaft that serves as a handy shortcut back to Deck 3. Taking this route will bring you through a server room. Underneath some "Caution" tape on the window is another green terminal.

"Message 1327839

To: Racine Chodary

From: Darnell Ward

2945-08-27 13:33 SET

Darnell Ward - Hey Rac it's Darnell.

Racine Chodary - Hah! Where the hell have you been? Your shift started three hours ago.

Darnell Ward - I know. Sorry. I did a breakdown of the current power flow for the station and it's looking like I'll need to run a stress test on the whole system, see where the run-off is.

Racine Chodary - Hmm, ok. Hey, just be careful.

Darnell Ward - Will do. I'll keep a close eye on it.

Racine Chodary - Sounds good. You sure you're ok? You sound terrible.

Darnell Ward - Yeah, it was Scott's birthday last night so we were all up a little later than we should've been.

Racine Chodary - Alright, let me know when you've finished running the tests.

Darnell Ward - Will do."

At the end of the server room is one last glowing terminal.


D.Gethart - Recovered Data

To: Ava Skenning

From: Dennis Gethart

Subject: Server Assessment

2945.09.23 14:11SET

Hi Ava,

I went through the data logs from the server and managed to put together a rough timeline of events that led up to the crash. I know the initial speculation was criminal sabotage, but based on this, it looked like worker negligence. Sad as it is to say.

Anyway, I've attached a series of files to help illustrate my points and so you don't have to sift through three million lines of data text.

  • /Excerpt_1 ATTACHED/*

I've pulled together some sample readings from the Power Distribution logs. As you can see, over the past year, the station has been suffering from sporadic power drains. Maintenance reports theorized that there was a power drain somewhere, but to me, it looks like faulty switchers. These 2920's were notorious for power flow issues.

  • /Excerpt_2 ATTACHED/*

So here is the initial stress test that Darnell Ward ran the day of the incident. Everything after RUNPROTOCOL stresstest_v3.dnn is the test taking effect. Everything looks good, right? Then, and I haven't figured out why yet, but a few hours later (and in the middle of the stress test) he runs this all_monitor_silence.dnn protocol. Maybe he was trying to bring monitoring systems offline to see if they were causing the drain. I don't really know. Anyway, it was a stupid move, because he basically removed his only way to see that the power plant was about to go critical.

I'll keep digging and keep you apprised.



Head through the server room door to return to the EZ-Hab area. Check Darnell's room (Hab #6) for a green laptop.


D.Ward - Recovered Data

From: Darnell Ward

To: Elaine Ward

Subject: I messed up

2945.08.27 05:13SET


So... I don't know why this is so tough... Dr. Colby said that I shouldn't get too down on myself if I stumbled in my treatment, but I can't bring myself to believe him. I know I could probably just sleep it off, wake up tomorrow and commit myself to starting fresh, but I don't know... something just feels wrong about that. Wrong not telling you. Then it feels like it'd be sweeping it under the rug. Like it never happened. I think about all the things I put you, put the kids through, and I just don't know why I can't figure this out.

I guess you know where this is going. There was a birthday party tonight and somebody had been saving a bottle of Esquire. It was easy to say yes. I almost didn't even think about it. What that word would mean. I gues... I think I went back ten years ago, like when we were at school. When having a few drinks didn't lead to waking up in a medstation or with blood on my clothes. But in that moment, I was the me back then. Just a guy celebrating a birthday with some coworkers...

But I'm not that guy. And it kills me.

I don't know who I am anymore. It's late now. I'm drunk. Drunk and ashamed that I keep letting you down.

I guess all I want is


Seems pretty damning for poor Darnell right? Not so fast. Have a look in Hab #3!

"To: Red Sand

From: Mel Ososky

Subject: Laundry Pickup

2945-08-27 14:47 SET

Hey, wanted to let you know that I got the Ops guy's passcode last night. Took a whole damn bottle of Esquire to do it. Talk about being able to hold your liquor. I set the routine to bypass the monitoring protocols at fourteen-hundred. The crates should go through, no problem. Just be ready at the drop, alright? By the way, had to change over the security stuff. Location and lock codes attached."

When you're done, open your mobiGlas and find the mission under the "accepted" tab. There is a button to "submit" your findings.

Mission Complete: P.I. Wanted

Good ending: This is achieved if you access Mel Ososky's terminal before submitting evidence.

"I wanted to let you know that I got the information you sent, and if what you found is true, I owe you a very big thank you, and Covalex owes me and my husband an apology. Thank you again. I'm uploading your payment to your account now."

–Elaine Ward

Bad ending: This is achieved if you did't access Mel Ososky's terminal before submitting evidence.

Mission Unlocks

Completion of P.I. Wanted unlocks the following delivery missions:

PTU 2.6a

In PTU 2.6a an extra objective after finishing the mission was available. The walkthrough continues for this content.

New Objective: Investigate Mel's Drop

Make your way out of the station and back to your ship. Travel to the new Quantum Drive destination - Dead Drop, approximately 2,400KM away from Gundo.

At the Dead Drop location you will find a shipping container with a flashing red beacon. Use the datapad inside.

"To: Mel Ososky

From: Red Sand

Subject: Laundry Stain

Hey Mel,

I know we were supposed to do a few more drops, but the timeline has escalated. Ladybird got grabbed up yesterday, and Hundo swears she was followed on her last run. It's only a matter of time before they trace the full network. No choice but to cut clean and drift. Boss wants you to abandon Covalex and head to the current stash. Need all hands if we're going to walk away with credits earned.


The datapad includes the coordinates for the stash, but the location is not implemented.

Old Content

In older versions of this mission, Ross Biollo functioned as a red herring suspect.

"To: Road Roller

From: Ross Biollo

RE: Thank You Gift

2945-08-23 14:03 SET

Love them! Can you do me a favor and drop them off in my bunk? I've attached the code so you can get in.

>To: Ross Biolo

>From: Road Roller

>Subject: Thank You Gift

>2945-08-23 13:58 SET

>Hey Ross.

>Got you a little something for all your help. Hope you like smoking Moores!

>Where should I put them?


Gaining access to Ross' hab would allow you to loot the cigars for aUEC.