Forrest Stephan

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Forrest Stephan

Forrest Stephan is Computer Graphics Supervisor at Cloud Imperium Games.[1]

He's one of the early members of CIG.[2]

Early Life

He started modding as a kid Doom and told his parents that he would be making video games when he was 16.[3] He learned how to use various programs such as 3DSMAX and Photoshop and tried to get a job in places where those programs where used to get experience.[3]

Other Works

He was lucky to get hired by an architecture firm as a contractor to do 3D renderings which at the time were niche.[3] After 2 years he went to work at Total Immersion Software, now called Antific doing real time simulation graphics which he knew how to do from modding The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.[3]


"My whole career, the sucess, is 100% due to modding" -Forrest Stephan[3]


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