Fujin City

City on Saisei in the Centauri system
Fujin City
LocationCentauri system    On Saisei
TypeLanding zone

Fujin City (Jp. 風神都市) is the landing point for most visitors to Saisei. It boasts a fully automated high volume landing zone, Saisei Landing Consortium. Personal hangars here are few and far between, with real estate everywhere on the world going for high UEC values. The city features all the comforts of home, from an Astro-Armada ship dealer to an Advocacy Field office. Downtown Fujin is home to the MISC corporate showroom, where visitors can see the latest FreelancerStarfarer and bulk transport hulls on display.[1]


At the heart of the city is Nessa Park, a beautifully cultivated park designed as an oasis for city workers involved in high-tech industries all day,[1] featuring perfectly curated botanical gardens and serene ponds.[2]

From Nessa Park, you can see the Fujin Capitol Building - a geometric building based on a design by Jurgen Ganz. Engineers broke ground in 2341. The Capitol Building, now used by the planet's Governors Council, eschewed the Modernist movement of the time in favor of the Asharian movement that had recently developed on Mars.[2]

The central MISC factory is located in the city's outer environs, a carefully crafted automated setup that has been duplicated on many other worlds. The majority of MISC Starfarers are currently constructed in this facility and then shipped off-world on massive enclosed ship transports (though the fully modular factory can change ship output types overnight).[1]


Fūjin (風神, lit. "Wind God") or Futen is the Japanese god of the wind and one of the eldest Shinto gods.


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