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Saisei : Centauri III
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationOrbits Centauri (star)
Landing Zones1

"“Think of the perfect planet. What you just imagined is called Saisei."

Isabella Fumi[1]

Saisei, the third planet, is the reason to visit Centauri. A beautifully terraformed world, Saisei has been planned and cultivated for Human habitation since the initial survey. Saisei is one of the only worlds in explored space where the Governor’s Council has imposed a population cap, limiting the number of inhabitants to preserve the environment. Despite their similarly limited populations, Saisei stands in sharp contrast to Yar as a jewel of Human development.[2]

Saisei has a slightly higher O2 percentage than the standard terraformed world resulting in a feeling of light headedness.[1]

Centauri was first surveyed in 2365 and bids for Centauri III went on the market almost immediately. The winning group, ADJUST Colonial, consisted largely of Earthen Japanese expatriates who carried over design foundations and other cultural memes from their homeland to the landfall location at Fujin City. Saisei’s own culture has veered in unique directions since this time, influenced by earthly tradition but having become something completely unique. In addition to natural beauty, organic construction and a limited population, Centauri is also known as the headquarters of MISC, the ship concern responsible for much of the UEE’s heavy vehicle traffic.[2]

A great deal of other heavy industry takes place on Saisei, but always planned in an environmentally respectful manner. The result is a massive export of ship components, luxury items and other heavy industry that would seem to be completely at odds with Saisei’s well-deserved reputation as the cleanest planet in the known galaxy. The message to other Human worlds is clear: planning pays off![2]

Major Locations

Fujin City

Fujin City is the landing point for most visitors to Saisei. It boasts a fully automated high volume landing zone, Saisei Landing Consortium. Personal hangars here are few and far between, with real estate everywhere on the world going for high UEC values. The city features all the comforts of home, from an Astro-Armada ship dealer to an Advocacy Field office. Downtown Fujin is home to the MISC corporate showroom, where visitors can see the latest Freelancer, Starfarer and bulk transport hulls on display. At the heart of the city is Nessa Park, a beautifully cultivated park designed as an oasis for city workers involved in high tech industries all day.

The central MISC factory is located in the city’s outer environs, a carefully crafted automated setup that has been duplicated on many other worlds. The majority of MISC Starfarers are currently constructed in this facility and then shipped off-world on massive enclosed ship transports (though the fully modular factory can change ship output types overnight).[2]

Minor Locations


This woodland location is where Laurence Kiefly grew up. It is arable land.[3]