G-2 Helmet

Helmet manufactured by Clark Defense Systems
G-2 Helmet.png
G-2 Helmet
ManufacturerClark Defense Systems (CDS)
ClassificationMedium armor
Main setORC-mkV
Base price2,590 aUEC
Damage resistance

The G-2 provides protection and an uninhibited field of view without being bulky. Clark Defense Systems designed the helmet to withstand a wide variety of impact types without compromising its integrity.

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
ORC-mkV TCS-4 Undersuit G-2 Helmet ORC-mkV Core CSP-68M Backpack ORC-mkV Arms ORC-mkV Legs

G2 Helmet is sold at the following locations as of Alpha 3.3.7:

Shop Price Color
Garrity Defense, Port Olisar 2590 Olive
Tanmany and Sons, Lorville 2590 Olive

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