GJ 667

Unknown triple-star system system
GJ 667
System TypeTriple-star system
SizeUnknown AU
Star TypeUnknown
Discovered in2232 (before, known)
Discovered byAstronomers
Jump PointsUnknown

GJ 667 is a triple-star system. It is only mentioned in the lore.


GJ 667Cc [1]

The super-earth was the destination of humanity's first interstellar spaceship, Artemis.[2] Other planets aren't mentioned.


The idea of the system/planet seems to inspired by the exoplanet GJ 667Cc which was discovered in 2011 and is 'only' 23 light years away.


  1. The name is mentioned in the lore. According to the International Astronomical Union nomenclature Gliese 667 stands for the system, the capitalized C stands for the third star in the system which surrounds the double star pair A and B. The c stands for the 2nd nearest planet to the star C.
  2. Comm-Link:The Lost Generation - Issue 2. Spectrum Dispatch - Comm-Link
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