First interstellar starship built by Humanity

Artemis was the first interstellar starship built for a long-distance colonization by Humanity. The Artemis belonged to the Chariot-class designed by Roberts Space Industries (RSI),[1][2] but no other ship of this class are known.


The ship was launched on 2232 towards GJ 667Cc,[1] before the discovery of the first Jump Point. She used slower-than-light engines and successfully exited the Solar System. The ship has never been seen again. It is unknown if the ship was destroyed or changed its destination.[3][4]


The ship was fitted with stasis couches, terraforming equipment and supplies. She was designed for a maximum crew of 5000.[1][3]

At its helm was an AI Core called Janus.[5] It was blamed for the loss of the ship. Its unknown fate seemed to be a reason why humanity banned the developement of Androids or other advanced AI.


The known crew of the Artemis consisted of Lisa Danvers (Captain) and Arthur Kenlo (Engineering). Justin Cobb was the Mission Director.

In media

  • Abeni Okon attended the start of the ship. It was its last public appearance.
  • The ship and its faith is featured in the short story series The Lost Generation.[6]

Fate of the Ship

According to the fiction-in-fiction story The Lost Generation, the AI of the ship, Janus decided to divert from the original course. Fragments of the ship's engine were found in the Stanton system while they were buried for 500 years. According to the story Lisa E. Danvers coordinated the start with Janus but 'altered the planned exit trajectory by 13.03 degrees' just 21 seconds before the start.[1] 245 days after the start, Janus reported that the estimated flight would take 220 years and 15 days until arrival. Janus itself, provided with an adaptable AI doubted that the primary mission would succeed and seemed to look for another habitable system, which was his secondary mission.

However, he still estimated the chance of succeeding as 'almost non-existent.'[1] The story further tells that the Artemis landed on Oso II, a planet with a high gravity and inhabitated by the Osoians. Twelve crewmates, including engineer Artur Kenlo explored the planet. The Artemis also left an entire engine, engravings and Kenlo's suit on the planet and changed their course towards Kallis IX on which the trace ends. The plot of TLG ends, after the story's protagonist Tonya Oriel discovered the frozen body of Kenlo, but wasn't able to salvage it.


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