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George Hull

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George Hull

George Hull is a conceptual designer who designed several spaceships for Star Citizen.

Works in CIG

George Hull has worked on the Orion,[1][2] the Reclaimer[3][4] and the Collector.[5]

Other Roles

George's dreams for film design became reality when the Lucasfilm's visual effect company Industrial Light & Magic noticed his talent and offered him a position on their creative team, just out of school. At ILM George's earliest credit was oscar winner Forrest Gump. He then quickly climbed to be a lead Visual Effects Art Director working on films like Mission Impossible, Jurassic Park 2 , Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi special edition.

After 6 years at ILM George left to form George Hull Design. As an independent he pursues the most creative stage of a film's visual development and specializes in creating unique and imaginative worlds including the cinematography, settings, and vehicles that live within them. Most recently George worked as Senior Conceptual Designer on Blade Runner 2049. Other film projects include Star Wars Episode 8, Guardians Of The Galaxy vol.2, Elysium, The Cloud Atlas, Wall-e, the science fiction epic The Matrix: Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions, the Denis Villeneuve version of Dune, and many more.[6]


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