Guide:Troubleshooting UEC and REC issues

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This page is a compilation of common Star Citizen UEC and REC problems that users might face. Search below for your problem, or if you need more help you can chat with other users at the official community helpdesk. This guide was based upon the community document found here.

The Different Currency's


UEC (United Earth Credits) is the planned in-game currency of Star Citizen. UEC will eventually be used to purchase almost all items available in the game. Currently, UEC is only obtainable by purchasing it from the Roberts Space Industries website. It will be obtainable in-game once the game is released, or at some earlier point in the development process. See Also:


REC (Rental Equipment Credits) is the in-game currency used to purchase Rental Equipment for use in Arena Commander. You can purchase ships and weapons from the Roberts Space Industries website that can be used for 7 24-hour periods. See Also:


AUEC (Alpha UEC) is the test currency that is currently obtainable in the Mini PU. aUEC can be earned by completing missions in game, and can be used to buy weapons and space suits for use in the PU. aUEC is periodically reset as CIG updates the game. The starting aUEC you are given after a patch reset is equal to the account's balance of UEC plus a base amount of five thousand aUEC.

Can I melt my Voyager Direct purchases for UEC?

Yes, you can melt your Voyager Direct purchases in exchange for UEC. As this UEC will then be converted into aUEC, it may be beneficial to exchange previous Voyager Direct purchases for UEC. Voyager Direct purchases are being phased out as in game purchases and items are enabled.

No REC received after subscribing

Subscriber REC is not given out immediately after purchasing a subscription. The general rule is to give it 24 hours to credit your account although it may take a few days. Rest assured you will receive your REC. If a few days have passed then you should contact support.

What is the best way to earn REC?

Racing in Arena Commander is the fastest way to earn REC, as you don't need to even finish the race. A race can go anywhere from 4 to 15 minutes and will earn you anywhere from 500 to 1500 REC.

See Also

Official Document here for a more up-to-date version of this guide.

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