Vehicle weapon component

A gun (or vehicle gun) is a weapon mounted on a vehicle.

 SizeSubtypeDamageMaximum rangeAmmoMuzzle velocityManufacturer
'WAR' Cannon5Neutron Cannon1,500 🗡️2,800 m2.8 km <br />70700 m/s2,520 km/h <br />Vanduul Clans
'WARLORD' Cannon3 150 🗡️1,540 m1.54 km <br />1001,400 m/s5,040 km/h <br />Vanduul Clans
'WASP' Repeater2Laser Repeater40 🗡️1,540 m1.54 km <br />3001,400 m/s5,040 km/h <br />Vanduul Clans
'WEAK' Repeater1Laser Repeater28 🗡️1,540 m1.54 km <br />3601,400 m/s5,040 km/h <br />Vanduul Clans
'WHIP' Cannon2 110 🗡️1,540 m1.54 km <br />1101,400 m/s5,040 km/h <br />Vanduul Clans
'WRATH' Cannon5Plasma Canon1,500 🗡️2,800 m2.8 km <br />70700 m/s2,520 km/h <br />Vanduul Clans
10-Series Greatsword Cannon2Ballistic Cannon137.5 🗡️1,295 m1.295 km <br />220700 m/s2,520 km/h <br />KnightBridge Arms
11-Series Broadsword Cannon3Ballistic Cannon187.5 🗡️1,225 m1.225 km <br />200700 m/s2,520 km/h <br />KnightBridge Arms
9-Series Longsword Cannon1Ballistic Cannon106.25 🗡️1,225 m1.225 km <br />240700 m/s2,520 km/h <br />KnightBridge Arms
AD4B Ballistic Gatling4Ballistic Gatling63.06 🗡️1,400 m1.4 km <br />1,150700 m/s2,520 km/h <br />Behring Applied Technology
AD5B Ballistic Gatling5Ballistic Gatling97.38 🗡️2,800 m2.8 km <br />2,600700 m/s2,520 km/h <br />Behring Applied Technology
AD6B Ballistic Gatling6Ballistic Gatling141.25 🗡️2,800 m2.8 km <br />3,250700 m/s2,520 km/h <br />Behring Applied Technology
ATVS Repeater2Distortion Repeater48 🗡️1,540 m1.54 km <br />1471,400 m/s5,040 km/h <br />Behring Applied Technology
Absolution Distortion Scattergun5Distortion Scattergun67 🗡️400 m0.4 km <br />10800 m/s2,880 km/h <br />Preacher Armament
Attrition-1 Repeater1Laser Repeater28 🗡️1,540 m1.54 km <br />3601,400 m/s5,040 km/h <br />Hurston Dynamics
Attrition-2 Repeater2Laser Repeater40 🗡️1,540 m1.54 km <br />3001,400 m/s5,040 km/h <br />Hurston Dynamics
Attrition-3 Repeater3Laser Repeater60 🗡️1,540 m1.54 km <br />2501,400 m/s5,040 km/h <br />Hurston Dynamics
Attrition-4 Repeater4Laser Repeater80 🗡️1,540 m1.54 km <br />2401,400 m/s5,040 km/h <br />Hurston Dynamics
Attrition-5 Repeater5Laser Repeater270 🗡️2,800 m2.8 km <br />112700 m/s2,520 km/h <br />Hurston Dynamics
Attrition-6 Repeater6Laser Repeater350 🗡️2,800 m2.8 km <br />100700 m/s2,520 km/h <br />Hurston Dynamics
BRVS Repeater2Ballistic Repeater66 🗡️1,540 m1.54 km <br />1651,400 m/s5,040 km/h <br />Behring Applied Technology


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