Attrition-6 Repeater

Size 6 vehicle weapon manufactured by Hurston Dynamics
Attrition Repeater - Cutout Sizes 4-6.jpg
Attrition-6 Repeater
ManufacturerHurston Dynamics (HRST)
TypeLaser Repeater
UEC cost101,000

The Hurston Dynamics Attrition-6 Repeater is a size 6 vehicle laser repeater. It is a part of the Attrition series laser repeater.[1]


It is available for purchase at the Hurston Dynamics Showcase in Lorville's Central Business District.

In-game description

With Hurston Dynamics' cascade technology, the Attrition-6 laser repeater maximizes it's combat potential. It's common for weapons to heat up when used heavily in combat, but what sets this size six repeater apart is that thermal energy is translating directly into increased offensive strength.


The size 1 to 6 models of Attrition series was introduced in Alpha 3.3.[2]


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