Gundo Aftermath Delivery

Delivery mission
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Gundo Aftermath Delivery
Priority General
Type Delivery
UEC Pay 8000
Start Location Crusader AO
Requirements Completion of P.I. Wanted

This dynamic mission unlocks upon completion of P.I. Wanted. Not quite functioning like most dynamic missions, Gundo Aftermath Delivery has six different static iterations for the mission giver, name and description - although the gameplay and pay are identical.

Tasking the player with retrieving a small cargo crate from Covalex Hub Gundo, the mission descriptions add a little epilogue info regarding characters involved in the mission P.I. Wanted.

Name and Description

Personal Effects, from Anya Sugari

Spoiler content


I'll totally understand if you don't want to help with this, but if you can it would be amazing.

See, my boyfriend passed away during the Covalex Gundo tragedy. They said I would get all of Scott's stuff back once the investigation was complete, but as far as I know, it's been done for a while now and they still haven't given any indication of when I can get his property. It's been hard enough dealing with all this, and knowing that a package is going to show up in a month or two and rip open all these wounds, it's just too much. I would prefer to deal with it now and get it over with. If you could find a way to get his personal effects (Employee ID# 104) and drop them off at (Landing Zone), I'd be very grateful.

Thanks for your help,


A Mother's Plea, from Gloria Theolone

Spoiler content

"My son Nico was sadly among the victims of the tragic accident at Covalex's Gundo station and they still haven't returned all of his personal possessions to me. I understand that they have to do things according to regulations, but it seems unconscionable that they wouldn't make some allowances for the grieving family members. To that end, I'm seeking someone who will be able to go to the station for me. To be clear, Gundo is currently considered off limits, meaning that this would not be above board, but I feel my situation warrants special consideration. My sister says that the rate I am offering is the correct amount for retrieving the crate with Nico's belongings (#964) and bringing them to (Landing Zone), so hopefully I can find a competent individual to settle this matter quickly.


Gloria Theolone"

Help Me Get My Stuff Back, from Ed Biollo

Spoiler content

"My brother was one of those people who died when that Covalex station near Crusader blew. Even worse, he was borrowing something of mine when it happened. Now some red tape asshole is trying to tell me that I have to wait to get my stuff back. Yeah right. First you kill my brother and now you want me to be patient? The nerve of these corporate jillos. Forget that. Instead, I figured I'd hire someone to go to Gundo to get my stuff and take it to (Landing Zone) for me. I mean, what the hell are they gonna do about it? Anyway, it's what my brother would have wanted. It's gonna be the box marked 156. - Ed"

Looking for Closure, from Sam Besser

Spoiler content

"They said that I could find someone here to go to Gundo for me and grab a crate that belonged to my wife. If the name didn't ring a bell, that's the station where they had that big accident. My wife worked for Covalex and I know it's not really going to make losing her any easier, but I really just want Claudia's stuff back. I think about her photo collection or the necklace I gave her just sitting there in that cold dead station in some box marked 249 and it's not right. She deserves better. So how about it? You willing to go to Gundo and haul her crate back to (Landing Zone)?"

My Dad's Stuff, from Baylor Ward

Spoiler content


I'm looking for someone to head to the Covalex Gundo station near Crusader and grab some items. I know this may sound like stealing, but it's my dad's stuff. You see, he was on Gundo station when it had its accident. My mom says that we need to wait until Covalex says so, but I don't think that's fair because I miss him so much. I would like something to remember him by and I don't want to wait any longer because I might start forgetting things. I'll pay you to get box 510 for me and take to (Landing Zone) so I can have it.

Thank you very much,

Baylor Ward"

Unexpected Inheritance, from Thrace Pinter

Spoiler content


So this is a little awkward for me to talk about, but it turns out that one of the people who passed away on that Covalex station disaster, Kyomi Santos, actually bequeathed me something in her will. I was surprised to hear it, but apparently I'm now the proud owner of everything stored in box #173. The people at Covalex say I'll be able to get it when the station opens back up but ... this is the awkward part ... I kind of really need it right now. Normally I'd just wait, but I'm trying to start my own business (I make cakes in the shape of people's homeworlds) and the credits I get from selling it will really be a huge help. I've got a little bit stashed away now that I can use to pay for someone to deliver it from Gundo to (Landing Zone) for me. I know the whole things a little bit irregular, but if there was any other way I wouldn't be asking.

Thanks for the help,



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