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Help Me Get My Stuff Back

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Help Me Get My Stuff Back
Gundo 3.jpg
Mission Summary
Priority Secondary
Type Delivery
UEC Buy In 0
Start Location Crusader, Stanton System
Mission Giver Ed Biollo
Requirements Completion of P.I. Wanted
Difficulty Easy
Faction None

Help Me Get My Stuff Back is a delivery mission that can appear after completion of P.I. Wanted, in which Ed Biollo requests that you return his posession(s) that his brother Ross Biollo had on him at the time of his death aboard Covalex Hub Gundo.

Mission Brief

"My brother was one of those people who died when that Covalex station near Crusader blew. Even worse, he was borrowing something of mine when it happened. Now some red tape asshole is trying to tell me that I have to wait to get my stuff back. Yeah right. First you kill my brother and now you want me to be patient? The nerve of these corporate jillos. Forget that. Instead, I figured I'd hire someone to go to Gundo to get my stuff and take it to Grim HEX for me. I mean, what the hell are they gonna do about it? Anyway, it's what my brother would have wanted. It's gonna be the box marked 156. - Ed"