Hurston Bounty (MRT)

Bounty Hunter mission from Hurston Security
Hurston Bounty (MRT)
Priority General
Type Bounty Hunter
UEC Pay 7500
Start Location Hurston AO
Requirements Bounty Hunter Contractor Evaluation
Tracker License Certification
Faction Hurston Security

The mission Hurston Bounty (MRT) has Hurston Dynamics task the player with taking down a Moderate-Risk Target (MRT) in the Hurston vicinity.


  • Wanted: (Name) (MRT)


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CONTRACT: Bounty Collection CONTRACTOR AFFILIATION: Independent OUTSOURCE MANAGER: (Name) RISK ASSESSMENT: Moderate-Risk Target (Small Multicrew Craft, Average Support) RUSH CONTRACT:

(Name) is wanted by Hurston Dynamics after repeated infraction of Hurston and UEE law. As such, a bounty has been issued and you are being tasked with the apprehension of this criminal. They were last seen at (Location).

Please be prepared to handle any and all eventualities before beginning pursuit.

Payment will be authorized once the bounty is complete.

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