IAE 2951 Hat

Hat manufactured by Escar Limited
IAE 2951 Hat
ManufacturerEscar Limited (ELD)
Environment protection

The IAE 2951 Hat is a clothing piece commemorating the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo events. It was sold in-game in both blue and white versions at Tobin Expo Center during the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2951 only.[1]

The IAE 2951 T-shirt and IAE 2951 Hat were purchasable only in-game and only during that year's IAE festivities, and have therefore not been available in- or outside the game since. Since those events, numerous persistency database wipes have occurred, so players have eventually lost them. Since they are (believed to be) unique event-specific items, there is fear they could never be obtained again. CIG has declined to comment regarding it being permanently attributed to players or not.[2]

In-game description

The official hat of the 2951 IAE carries the logo for the event on the front and a smaller version of it on the back right panel.

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