Invictus Hat

Hat manufactured by CBD
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Invictus Hat
ManufacturerCBD (CBD)
ClassificationBaseball cap
Base price820 aUEC
Environment protection

The Invictus Hat is a clothing piece commemorating the Invictus Launch Week. It was sold in-game at Bevic Convention Center during the 2950 event only (May 22 / June 1) as two green versions.[1] A year later at the 2951 event, a blue edition was also sold.[2]

All the Invictus shirt and hat variations were purchasable only in-game and only during the Invictus festivities, and have therefore not been available in- or outside the game since. Since those events, numerous persistency database wipes have occurred so everyone who had these has since lost them. Since they are (believed to be) unique event-specific items, there is fear they could never be obtained again. CIG has declined to comment regarding it returning to players' inventories.[3]


The hat came in three different color variations:

  • Olive Green
  • Dark Green
  • Blue

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