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Impact I

Size 1 mining laser head manufactured by Thermyte Concern
Impact-S1 - Terminal Display - 3.10.2.png
Impact I
ManufacturerThermyte Concern (THCN)
SizeSize 1
GradeGrade A
Base price57,750 aUEC
Optimal range30 m
Maximum range150 m
Mining efficiency
Extraction throughput0.45 SCU/s
Power transfer3000
Catastrophic charge rate+100%
Shatter damage+50%
Consumable slots2

The Impact I is a Mining laser manufactured by Thermyte Concern.

Product Description

Mine difficult deposits easier and faster with the Impact I. Thermyte Concern created special focus lenses to increase the laser's power and provide the precision required for a larger optimal charge window. This powerful mining laser does require careful management, as deposits will overheat quicker and explode with more force.[1]


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