StrikeForce II Missile

Size 2 CS missile manufactured by Thermyte Concern
THCN StrikeForce S2.png
StrikeForce II Missile
ManufacturerThermyte Concern (THCN)
TypeCS Missile

The StrikeForce II Missile is a size 2 cross section missile manufactured by Thermyte Concern.


The StrikeForce is the latest culmination of Thermyte Concern's expansion into the missile industry, showcasing notable design and cross-section targeting improvements.

Universe availability

Standard on

VehicleManufacturerGame build
100iOrigin Jumpworks3.20.0-LIVE.8701927
125aOrigin Jumpworks3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
135cOrigin Jumpworks3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
300iOrigin Jumpworks3.20.0-LIVE.8701927
350rOrigin Jumpworks3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
400iOrigin Jumpworks3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Aurora LXRoberts Space Industries3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Constellation AndromedaRoberts Space Industries3.20.0-LIVE.8701927
Constellation AquilaRoberts Space Industries3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Constellation TaurusRoberts Space Industries3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
NomadConsolidated Outland3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
RedeemerAegis Dynamics3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Reliant TanaMusashi Industrial and Starflight Concern3.19.1-LIVE.8526421


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