Investigate Wreckage Claim

Investigation mission from ProtLife Insurance
Investigate Wreckage Claim
Priority General
Type Investigation
UEC Pay 9000
Start Location Hurston AO / ArcCorp AO
Faction ProtLife Insurance

The Investigate Wreckage Claim mission sees the player retrieving a derelict's Black Box.



Spoiler content

"ProtlLife is seeking an investigator to locate the remains of recently lost vessel, extract its flight recorder from the wreckage, and deliver the black box to (Destination). We can then review the data and properly process our client's claim of loss. As we are currently unaware of all the pertinent details surrounding the vehicle's destruction, proceed to the incident site with caution."


Spoiler content

"A vehicle claim has recently been filed by one of our clients and as the insurer, we at ProtLife need an investigator to check out the wrecksite, locate the black box and return it to (Destination) for analysis. Note that until we can determine the factors contributing to the craft's disappearance, extreme caution should be used in the area."


Spoiler content

"A vessel owned by one of our policy holders has been rendered inoperable and a contractor is needed to perform the investigation on behalf of ProtLife. To determine the specifics of what happened, the flight recorder needs to be recovered from wreckage and delivered to (Destination). When approaching the incident site, please be on alert in case dangerous or hostile elements are still present."

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